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Paolo Uccello (1397–1475)  Night Hunt, Detail c. 1460 Tempera on panel Ashmolean Museum Oxford

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(by emma hope)

Copse near Sutton Veny House on Flickr.

To the right is a five-petal flower indicating the presence of the Quintessence, and on the left is a seven-branched plant indicating the steps or operations of perfection. On top of the tree is an eagle representing the operation of distillation, which in this case is the mental operation of distilling these symbols. It is a sign that we need to reflect or meditate on this drawing.
Supporting the tree trunk are two lions, one with wings and one without, representing the union of the volatile and fixed faculties of spirit and soul, which we must use together to understand these symbols. In other words, we have to combine the masculine, logical and argumentative way of knowing of spirit with the feminine, intuitive and reflective way of knowing of soul. This is the key needed to decipher the coded material being presented. In fact, this is the key to understanding all the symbols of alchemy. Without this key, alchemy remains an obscure puzzle.
In the drawing, we see two ciphers buried in the ground at the foot of the tree. These are the basic raw materials with which the alchemist works. On the left is the symbol for salt, which represents the physical compounds and chemicals the alchemists use. On the right is the cipher for the First Matter, which is the spirit matter of the work, the elusive source that exists between worlds.
The cipher for the First Matter can be shown in two orientations. Shown here as a cross “+” in a circle, it signifies the purified or rectified First Matter. If it were shown as an “x” in a circle, it would have signified the chaotic or unrefined First Matter.
The other ciphers in the drawing are arranged in the shape of a cross with horizontal and vertical components. In Hermetic geometry, horizontal lines and earthly orientation stand for material reality or things fixed in time and space. Vertical lines and heavenly orientation stand for energetic or spiritual forces that are not fixed in time and space.